Scruffy Joes Cap Black


We’ve got you covered on a bad hair day. Scruffy Joes all the way.

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Australian Made & Owned

True blue quality


Cruelty Free

Great for sensitive skin

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Natural Vegan products

Style responsibly

How to use

Caps can be difficult at first so please follow these instructions on how to wear a cap:

1. Take notice whether you are already wearing a hat.*
2. If you are wearing a hat, use your hands to grasp the preexisting hat, then elevate it off your head and dispose of in the nearest bio-hazard waste bin.
3. Grasp your fantastic new Scruffy Joes hat (using your hands), elevate it above your head and then lower it onto your head.
4. Rotate the hat to your preferred orientation.
5. Well done! You are now wearing a hat.

*Scruffy Joes recommends against wearing multiple hats at one time.
** Please contact 000 for hat related emergencies

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