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About Scruffy Joes

The Scruffy Joes product range was born from the idea that a product can be a great product and not cost the Earth. And not just be good value, it should be sustainable and not cause ‘harm’ to the Earth. Not use by-products from animals, not include harmful chemicals and huge NO to the B.S. It’s great for sensitive skin too.

Our Barber Shop

Scruffy Joes barber shop is the home-grown Australian barber shop set in the outskirts of Melbourne. Greensborough is the flagship barber shop. It’s the place Joe gets to share his hair cutting & styling craft with the community. Along with his flair for recycling and upcycling – whether it’s the light fittings, product merchandising or wall art – Joe isn’t afraid to repurpose a tyre.

Bookings and Walk Ins Accepted.

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